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                                             Unfortunately we have to inform you that 

                                        our "Golden Boulders Climbing Festival" can't

                                      happen from 10th-16th January 2022 due to the pandemic.

We have been observing the recent developments (also regarding the new Omicron variant) and have hoped until the very end that we would be able to hold the festival. We cannot take the risk that our festival could lead to further infections and have been asked by the local government as well as the local community to cancel the festival.

We sincerely hope that the festival can take place as soon as possible. And then properly!

Thank you for your understanding!
Ticket fees for already paid tickets will be refunded.
Stay healthy and stay open for new adventures.

Your GB-Team

  • Anyone who chooses to travel to Hampi  at their own risk is free to do so

  • We are happy to help you find accommodation

  • Climbing, Slackline and Yoga activities will all be happening.

  • Our focus will be on developing new climbing routes and slackline places.



The aim and purpose of the festival is to gather the climbing and adventure sports community from across the globe together. Thereby we wish to develop adventure sports in India in way that the ecology is not affected.

GB festival is an initiative to discover, develop and domesticate new regions for climbing in Hampi, through participation of numerous climbers with an intention of celebrating a creative space for like minded people and also to save these mesmerising rocks from being mined by the organisations.


The natural features of Hampi region are the perfect playground for many adventure sports like Bouldering, Rappelling, Sport climbing, Slacklining, Coracle boat rafting. These sports also attract alternative sports and Flow Arts practitioner.


Every type of sports enthusiast can find their fun here, from beginners to advanced.

A lot of rocks are mapped, graded and named by professional rock climbers around the world.

Scroll down to see pictures and videos of the past edition's of the festival.


Golden Boulders Climbing Festival (4th edition)

10th - 16th January 2022

Location: Hampi


Full event (6-day's)         Rs. 11,999/-

4-day's                                Rs.  8,999/-

2-day's                                Rs.  4,999/-

It includes:

  • Unlimited food (3 meals)

  • Accommodation in camp

  • Equipment's for all the activities

  • Transportation to all event activities


  • Bouldering

  • Sport Climbing

  • Slacklining (Waterline & Highline)

  • Yoga

  • Nature Hike

  • Flow Arts

  • Coracle Boat Rafting




Bouldering, Sport Climbing, Trad Climbing and Rappeling will be happening in the festival.


The initiative for festival is to develop sports and traditional climbing in the region.


Ironically, Hampi's climbing history started from trad climbing but now the art has vanished. It's high time we bring it back as the terrain supports trad climbing effectively.


For this, we are inviting people to climb with us and develop new routes.


We are looking for the support from experienced and pro climbers for this golden initiative.

Golden Boulders Climbing Festival

Golden Boulders Climbing Festival

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